19 Ways to Date Your Spouse During the Season

19 Ways to Date Your Spouse During the Season

Finding time for your coaching significant other during the season is hard! When you are in the midst of a busy season, any little thing can count as a date and help you connect. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that it needs to be this big fancy date, but in reality it could just be going to the grocery store together without the kids. We asked other coach's wives for help in finding out how they "date" their spouse during this time. Here's what we got....


  1. We will go ahead and state the obvious first- get a sitter and go out to dinner!
  2. Choose a day each week (the least busiest) and do a dessert or chips and salsa date. Make it a standing date and do the same day each week!
  3. Let the kids watch tv during dinner while you and your husband sit in another room at the table. 
  4. Lunch dates on "lighter days" or when they can be fit in. Bring lunch to the field house or go out and grab something quick. 
  5. Grab some dessert, get on the coach, and turn OFF the TV. Turning off the TV makes the biggest difference. 
  6. Set a timer for 30 minutes (or any amount of time) and tell the kids that you and Daddy are going to talk and they need to play by themselves until the timer goes off. 
  7. Go out on the back patio/porch together and get away from the distractions in the house. 
  8. Go scout other teams together and grab dinner beforehand.
  9. Tag along when he needs to "run up to the field house."
  10. Put the kids to bed a little early one night to give you more time together for dinner and talking. 
  11. Find a morning every week to do a coffee/breakfast date: whether at home or out.
  12. Limit your plans with other people on the weekend so that you can be sure you carve out time for each other!
  13. Help or sit with him while he grades or watches game film. 
  14. Grocery shop or do errands together! 
  15. Bring the kids and a meal up to the field house and let them run around while you and your husband talk. 
  16. Plan and schedule phone calls during the day.
  17. Put your phones away for a certain amount of time when he comes home from practice.
  18. Go for walks together, it helps eliminate other distractions. Walk at home in the evening or walk together around the track or gym at the school.
  19. Write each other notes to letters throughout the week.

 Hope these ideas help! 

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