Gift Guide for the Coach

Gift Guide for the Coach

Is it possible to buy a gift that your coach will love and find useful? Yes - yes, it is! Here are some of our favorite gifts that will score a touchdown with your husband on and off the field! Check out this coach's gift guide for some of our favorite ideas.

TV Tripod

    • You can never have too many TVs in the living room when sports are on…according to a coach. Also, your coach never has to worry about not having the second TV at the perfect height while watching film or other games with this TV tripod.

Football Game Plan Notebooks: Offense & Defense

    • These notebook are perfect for any great football coach. It has 100 pages perfect for play designing. Each page has 8 sections for play designing with pre-drawn linemen. 

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Fox 40 Sonik Blast

    • Make it easy for your coach to call plays and grab everyone’s attention with this one-of-a-kind, high-end whistle. The Fox 40 Sonik Blast whistle is nice, loud, easy to use, and hard to lose!

Practice Golf Net

    • This practice golf net is the perfect gift if your husband is a golfer. Let him get in some practice in the backyard so he can spend a few less hours on the gold course! 

AuKing Mini Projector

    • Whether you use this mini projector to watch film or just a movie in the backyard with your family, your coach will love how light and portable this AuKing mini projector is. Plus, it easily connects to other devices!

Portable Ping Pong Set

    • This set is great for the ping-pong lover! Take it anywhere and turn any long table into a pong pong table. 

Magnetic Flashlight

    • This magnetic flashlight is a fun, multipurpose tool that will make the perfect gift for your guy! 

Men's Rain Boots

    • These rain boots are a must-have for coaches. When game day or practice falls on a rainy day, your coach will be so glad they have these shoes!

Adidas Slides

    • These shoes are the perfect addition to the coach's wardrobe. 

Trigger Point Massager

    • The stress of coaching and managing a family can be overwhelming. This trigger point massager targets knots in your back, neck, and feet so your coach can go to bed a bit more relaxed. Bonus points - steal this for yourself when the stresses of life take over!

3-n-1 Travel Wireless Charger

    • Raise your hand if you're guilty of forgetting to charge your electronics. You're not alone! With this wireless charger, just set all your devices on it before you go to bed or take it to school. You’ll never worry again about not having fully charged devices during the day.

    Mini Chainsaw

      • There’s nothing more masculine than your coach chopping wood for the fireplace. This mini chainsaw is not only portable, but it also has a rechargeable battery for all your husband’s landscaping needs.

      Pickleball Paddles

        • When the coach isn’t involved with football, let him try out one of the fastest-growing sports in the USA - pickleball! This set of 4 pickleball paddles includes pickleball balls and a bag to store everything. It’s a great game for the whole family!

      Play Designing Notebooks: Football, Basketball, & Baseball

        • These are great options for making practice plans and play designing! Easy, Inexpensive gift option for your favorite coach!

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      Adjustable Dumbbell Set

        • This weight set is perfect for your home. It is a great option for a space-saving workout set.

      Professional Padfolio

        • Help your coach get organized with this sleek, professional padfolio. Available in two different sizes, it comes in faux black leather to show that he means business on and off the field.

      Basketball Board

        • This basketball board is perfect for the basketball coach in your life! It comes with a Stylus pen that makes it reusable for multiple seasons. If you don't want anything to erase accidentally, place it in lock mode so you don't have to worry about losing your plays. They have versions for lots of different sports!

      Push Up Board

        • A great addition to the home gym you may or may not have, this push-up board will make an excellent gift for your guy!

      Universal Socket Tool

        • We all know that when our coach isn’t out on the field, he’s at home tinkering with some home improvement project. With this universal socket tool, you’ll always have the correct size for your drill or screwdriver!

      Remember to check out this coach's gift guide for some of our favorite ideas and happy shopping!

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