Gift Guide for the Coach's Wife

Gift Guide for the Coach's Wife

While the coach gets all the praise and accolades, the coach’s wife is in the background supporting the family, managing the household, and cheering on the team. Here is a guide guide to treat yourself this holiday season, or nicely nudge your coach to put them under the Christmas tree this year for you! Plus, find great gifts for other wives on the team, friends, or family. 

Mrs. Coach Ornament

    • This Mrs. Coach ornament is a perfect stocking stuffer from the coach in your life and reminds you that the role you play is important and essential! Hang this on your Christmas tree every year as a reminder of all that you do for the coach in your life.

Friday Night Wives Hat

    • Grab this super cute embroidered hat from @fridaynightwives. Stay warm, look cute, and celebrate your role as a coach's wife!

gift guide coach's wife

Mrs. Coach Cowbell

    • A must-have for your next season! Get louder in the stands of the next ball game with this Mrs. Coach Cowbell.

    Gospel Identity Discipleship Journal (Digital Download)

      • Understanding who we are is one of the biggest challenges in life, and the struggle is real in the world of sports. The challenge isn't only to understand it but to where to find it because even for coaches, their wives, and the athletes who know and love the Lord, performance is at the core of the sports culture, and identity is often found on the scoreboard, on social media or through achievements. This 48-page discipleship journal focuses on gospel identity, how it can't be achieved, only received, and how every aspect of our lives changes when we find ourselves and our worth in Jesus. Code: FNW10 for a Special Discount.

    Game Day Canvas Tote

      • This large tote from @underthelightsdesigns is perfect for all your game-day gear! Grab one for you and a friend!

    gift guide coach's wife

    Coach's Wife Mode Tee

      • Grab this fun Coach's Wife Tee to show everyone exactly who you are and who you support!

    Backpack Chair

      • This backpack chair provides tons of storage for all the items you have to bring to games for you and your kids, and it also turns into an easy chair for you or your kids to use. Convenient and stylish! Super helpful as a sports mom as well!

      Cute Clear Stadium Crossbody Bag

        • If you have to have a clear bag, why not make it cute?

      Walking with You Through Every Season: Proverbs 31 Through the Eyes of a Coach's Wife

        • If this devotional is written from the perspective of a coach's wife as it relates to the Proverbs 31 woman. It includes many funny and heartwarming stories from seasoned coaches’ wives about how God has ministered to them on and off the field. A great gift idea for yourself or other coaches' wives!

      Car Trash Can

        • After a long day on the road, the last thing you want to do is pick up all the trash your kids have thrown around the car. With this car trash can, your kids can easily discard everything in this bin - making it easy for you to keep your car clean.

      Make-Up Remover Cloth

      31 Days of Prayer for the Coach's Wife Book

        • Grab this book by @fridaynightwives that was written for coaches' wives to use for encouragement throughout the season and in the off-seasons. 

      gift guide coach's wife

      Mrs. Coach Decal

        • This Mrs. Coach Decal will be the perfect addition to your car. Check out all the designs we have on our site!

      Touchless Vaccum

        • Always on and always ready! This touchless vacuum sucks up all the dirt, hair, and debris brought into your house by your kids or your coach. Just sweep it into the vicinity of this machine and let it do the rest!

      Rechargeable Hand Warmers

        • Never let your hands feel cold again with these rechargeable hand warmers. Coming in various colors and heating at three different levels, you'll never have to suffer through another cold November football game.

      Electric Candle Lighter

        • When your coach happens to have an off day, set the mood by using this electric candle lighter. You'll never burn your fingers again trying to light a candle; it works in different weather conditions!

      A Letter Writing Journal for Coaching Couples

        • Strengthen your marriage and connect via writing with this journal for you and your spouse by @fridaynightwives. 

      gift guide coach's wife

      Coach’s Wife Necklace

        • We suggest conveniently printing this out and placing it in your coach's game book! Wear your coach close to your heart the entire season - whether he's at home or traveling for a game. This necklace is a great way to show your support and honor your important role. These all make great end-of-the-year gifts for other coaches' wives!

      Echo Show Family Organization

        • As a coach’s wife, keeping the family organized - especially during the season - can be absolutely overwhelming. Hang this Echo Show in one place and never worry about missing another practice, lesson, or family obligation! You can keep the family organized and yourself sane.

        Heated Stadium Seat

          • Everyone will be jealous of you when you show up with your heated stadium seat at a game! Not only does it heat up, but it also comes with a backrest, cup holder, and snack holder. What more do you need to be comfortable at a football game?

        Trunk Organizers: Hanging Version & Bin Version

          • These trunk organizers are a must-have for any coach's wife or sports mom. It might not be the most fun gift, but it is super useful.

        Fast Food Baskets

          • Another not-so-fun idea, BUT it could help make mealtime much easier in your home! It's cheaper and more reusable than paper plates AND still no dishes!

        Remember to check out this coach's wife gift guide for some of our favorite ideas and happy shopping!

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