How to Help Your Kids Feel Connected to the Game

How to Help Your Kids Feel Connected to the Game

It can be easy for resentment towards the game to rise up when it is taking up so much of daddy's time. Help your kids manage these feelings with these tips! You likely will not be able to do all of these, just pick out the ones that could work for your family.

  1. Take them to the games- this may seem obvious but making this a fun and special experience for them can really help them feel more connected.
  2. Take them to practices every now and then- This will give them more opportunity to see their dad in action and to feel a part of the team.
  3. Talk about the sport: Encourage your kids to talk to their dad about the sport and to ask questions. This will help them understand what their dad does and will also help them develop an interest in the sport.
  4. Teach your kids to understand that it's more than wins and losses. It is about so much more than just the game. 
  5. Take them up to the field house- let them be around dad and “help” out with equipment or game planning. 
  6. Pack up special toys, food, snacks, etc that are reserved only for game time to make it feel even more special. 
  7. Have them make the team or coaches treats and take them to the field house. 
  8. If you husband is not already doing this, ask him to teach the kids plays, positions, etc
  9. Teach player names and introduce your kids to the players...or make your husband do it :)
  10. Take them on the field on an off day and just have some family fun on the field. 
  11. Have them write special notes or draw pictures for daddy on game day.
  12. If possible, stay till the end and hug daddy after the game. Maybe only go to the second half or last quarter if that's all you can manage. It does make for a late night… but that end of the game hug on the field really is magical, win or lose. 
  13. Talk positively about the team and sports. Those little ears are always listening.
  14. Celebrate their dad's achievements: Show your kids that you are proud of their dad's achievements as a coach. Talk about the successes and victories, and celebrate them as a family.
  15. Create a Sport Wall: Create a dedicated space in your home where you can display photos, certificates, and other mementos from dad's coaching career. This will help your kids feel connected to their dad's passion and will also give them a sense of pride in their dad's accomplishments.
  16. Let them help out: Give your kids the opportunity to help out with team events, or even just passing out gatorades one day. This will give them a sense of responsibility and will also help them feel more connected to the team.
  17. Grab a copy of my children’s books for coaches’ kids! (We have a baseball & football version)

Remember that every child and family is different, and what works for one may not work for another. Listen to your children and observe their reactions and interests, and adjust your approach accordingly.

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