13 Ways to Make Sports Special for the Whole Family

13 Ways to Make Sports Special for the Whole Family

Let's face it – sometimes the sports life can be hard and challenging! Whether you are a sports mom or coach's wife, it can be a struggle to keep all the kids or siblings happy going to games and practices daily – sports siblings and coach's kids are just along for the ride. It can be tough if they do not love the constant sports life, but making it something special for them can provide unique bonding experiences for everyone in the family (and you'll avoid being asked when the practice or game ends). Here are some tips to help create some excitement for sports siblings and coach's kids so you don't feel like you are constantly pulling teeth to get them to attend practices or games.

supporting your coach supporting your coach

How to Make Sports Special for the Whole Family

  1. Bring a special treat: Have a food item that you save for practices and games. It could be a specific candy bar or getting ice cream from the stand around the corner. Whatever it is, the kids will anticipate getting it at the games and practices.
  2. Have toys for each kid that you only pull out for practices or games: There's nothing like the anticipation of getting a new toy or playing with a toy you rarely get! Whether it's a fun activity board, special coloring and activity book, or a sensory kit, this toy will have them get into the car for the practice or game with no arguments or excuses!
  3. Bring bikes or scooters: Let's be honest – the little ones probably have so much energy and need to let a bit of it out. I've never been at a gym or field where there wasn't room for kids to run around. Let them have fun and stay entertained playing with their bikes and scooters.
  4. Explain the game: If the siblings or coach's kids don't know what they're watching, it's never going to be fun for them. Get them involved in the game and explain the rules. Promise them something exciting, like an M&M, if points are scored or a ball is caught!
  5. Buy or make a BINGO card: Like the point above, get siblings or coach's kids involved through a fun BINGO card. Fill in the squares with things that may happen at the practice or in the game. You can even make them beforehand with the kids so they feel involved. If you don't have time to create your own, check out these digital download BINGO cards that are delivered instantly!
  6. Talk about supporting each other: Kids are smart – talk to them from a young age about why supporting family and siblings at their various sporting events is important. You could even have the siblings or coach's kids make signs ahead of time to cheer on the family members playing or coaching.
  7. Talk about the sport in an exciting way: Your attitude projects directly on your kids' attitude. If you're complaining about the stress, running late, not having enough time, etc., your kids will pick up on the energy. Explain to the siblings or coach's kids the benefits of attending the practices and games and how much fun it can be to watch.
  8. Pair it with a fun meal: Make this a bonding experience for you with the kids. Stop at Chick-fil-A or another fun eatery before or after a practice or game. Turn it into a fun one-on-one experience or time for some of the siblings to bond together.
  9. Bring a fun picnic or snackle box: Everyone loves eating food out of their own snackle boxes (and order one for yourself!). Make sure everyone is involved and fills up their snackle boxes ahead of time with their favorite foods. If you're outside and the weather is nice, bring a blanket so you can make it a mini picnic. 
  10. Grab a sports coloring and activity book: Make the siblings or coach's kid feel involved with what they are watching by having them color about the sport! Our coloring and activity books are perfect for keeping kids entertained the entire time. Plus, if you're in a pinch, buy one of the coloring and activity books as a digital download so the pages can be printed and colored, or the kids can "color" it on an iPad.
  11. Stop by the dollar store: Let the siblings or coach's kid pick out a couple of items at the dollar store for practices or game days. Combine it with number 2 on this list and make these items just for sporting days!
  12. Have the sports calendar visible: Make it so all family members can easily see the calendar, and everyone knows the plan. This way, the siblings and coach's kids are mentally prepared for the practices and game days. Add stickers and colorful writing to those days to make it extra exciting for everyone.
  13. Bring an iPad: When in doubt, a little bit of screen time can be a saving grace! Whip out your iPad or iPhone for special occasions or when you need a bit of backup. #noshame. 

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Making practices and games special for the entire family, especially siblings and coach's kids, will help everyone fall in love with the game and support each other. This list is just a starting point for you and your family. Sit down and brainstorm more ideas so everyone feels involved!

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