Practical Tips for Surviving an "In Season" Due Date

Practical Tips for Surviving an "In Season" Due Date

Having a baby as a coaching family in season is an extra level of difficult. We asked coaches' wives to send us in their best tips for surviving this big life event in the middle of the chaos that comes with being a coaching family in season. 

  1. GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. This is not the season for you to try and be superwoman.
  2. Baby wearing is key!
  3. Accept help from others and ask for it when you need it. You don't need to be a martyr. Let others help. 
  4. Don't stress about going to every game. Do what you can and don't feel bad about what you can't. 
  5. Prep freezer meals before your due date. 
  6. Plan lots of activities and snacks for your other kids. View our list of 75 ways to entertain kids here.
  7. Invite help to the games. Ask family to come with you and let them help with the children or hire a middle schooler to help. 
  8. Get someone to babysit so you to go to some of the games alone, especially when it is very hot or cold. Newborns can't handle these extreme temperatures and it will be much less stressful on both of you to keep the baby at home at that super young age.
  9. Game plan with your husband about ways he can help during the season. You don't have to do it all. Sometimes it feels hard to ask when they seem so stressed and tired. But, they do want to help- they often just don't know what they should do. Chat through some specific tasks that your coach could be responsible for: For example- Doing the dishes every night, bedtime bath & bottle, any middle of the night feeding before 1 am, etc. (whatever makes sense for your family and baby stage!)
  10. When you get the baby on a schedule, try and keep that schedule intact as much as possible when out at games. Feed, diaper change, and "put to bed" (carseat, wrap, etc) at the same time you do at home. 
  11. Your coaching husband is probably staying up late some nights working and grading film... Use that to your advantage! Let them hold the baby while you rest. 
  12. If you are not ready for others to touch or hold your little one, keep them in a carrier or baby wrap during the game. It does help prevent people from asking! 
  13. If taking baby to the game- PLAN WELL. Plan and pack for every potential issue. If breastfeeding, where will you feed? Plan your exit strategy and keep your expectations low!
  14. Try taking the baby to a practice in order to "practice" and plan out your strategy for game day. 
  15. If there is ever a time to hire a cleaning service, its now! It's worth every penny.
  16. Put the baby carrier/wrap on your husband! Let them walk around with the baby while on one of their many phone calls.
  17. Lower your standards for clean. 'Messy' is not the same thing as 'dirty'. Toys and clothes everywhere may drive you crazy, but it may be time to accept that having a picked up house 24/7 is just not the season of life you are in.
  18. Determine your priorities. You can't have and do everything you are used to. So, decide what is most important and put the rest on the back burner. 
  19. Find small things that bring you joy and don't feel guilty. (fancy coffee? ice cream?)
  20. When feeling burnout and tired, pair something you enjoy with a mundane task. (combine breastfeeding with your favorite audiobook, etc)
  21. Go to the field house and see your coach during the day. It may feel hard, but it's good to get out of the house and good to let your coach have that extra bonding time with the baby. 


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Remember that this is a SEASON. It will not last forever and YOU CAN DO THIS. 

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